Prasugrel priced 18% more than clopidogrel in US by Lilly/Daiichi Sankyo

Effient (prasugrel) will cost 18% more than Plavix (clopidogrel) in the US, according to a Dow Jones newswire story yesterday by Peter Loftus.

The cost for Effient will be $5.45 per pill, compared to $4.60 for Plavix. Loftus spoke with Javan Collins, vice president of Lilly’s U.S. cardiovascular business, who also said that the drug would become available in the middle of August.

Collins also told Loftus about the two companys’ marketing plans for the drug. The companies will co-promote the drugs and are now starting to arrange coverage with insurers, placement on formularies, and distribution by wholesalers and retail pharmacies. Network news executives undoubtedly will be disappointed to learn that the companies have no current plans to advertise Effient directly to consumers.

A representative from Daiichi Sankyo sent the following comment to CardioBrief:

By reducing major secondary cardiovascular events after PCI, Effient will reduce the use of other, often more expensive, healthcare resources. The price of Effient takes into account the value it brings to patients, physicians and payers, as well as the significant investment made to develop this innovative compound.

The net wholesale price (NWP) is $5.45 per Effient 5 mg and 10 mg tablet.

Because Effient demonstrated greater efficacy against ischemic events compared to Plavix in the TRITON-TIMI 38 clinical trial, we expect timely formulary reviews and widespread coverage.

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