Circulation publishes lengthy correction of MIST paper

Circulation has posted a lengthy correction of the highly controversial MIST trial, which was designed to test percutaneous closure of PFOs to reduce migraines. We won’t go into details here– just the thought of returning to this story brings on a migraine– but you can read lots of background material, starting with this heartwire story.

We posted about this very long and sad saga in January, when the New York Times reported on it. News of the recent correction was first reported by Aubrey Blumsohn on the Scientific Misconduct Blog and further disseminated by blogosphere stalwart Marilyn Mann.

Comment: although the Circulation correction provides some sort of technical conclusion to at least one part of  the MIST controversy, it does nothing to resolve the many remaining questions about this trial and this technology. The correction is somewhat byzantine in its complexity and obscurity. It remains unclear whether any genuine light will ever be shed on this sad episode.


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