Even more people may have received unnecessary stents at St Joseph’s

There may be more people who received unnecessary stents at Maryland’s St Joseph’s Medical Center than previously thought, according to a front page story in the Baltimore Sun by Robert Little.

As previously reported, St Joseph Medical Center in Towson, MD had previously informed hundreds of patients who received stents implanted by Mark Midei that they may have undergone an unnecessary procedure. The notifications were based on a review of cases that occurred within a two-year time frame. But patients (and their lawyers) who were treated outside that time window are now claiming that they were also treated inappropriately.

The hospital told the Sun that the two-year time window was because “if there were going to be any complication, it would have manifested itself within that two-year period.”

But, notes one patient: “How many people out there are just like me, and spent years thinking something was wrong with them that wasn’t?”

Said another lawyer: “I think people began to question, if he was doing this two years ago, was he doing it three years ago? Four years ago? How long?”

Midei has claimed that he is innocent and will ultimately be vindicated. Supporters of Midei have set up a web site for people to express their support for Midei.

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