Investigators in Maryland expand investigation of unnecessary stenting

The investigation of interventional cardiologist Mark Midei has now turned up similar suspicious practices by other Maryland physicians, the Baltimore Sun reports. “Several cardiologists in the state have performed a suspiciously high number of the same invasive cardiac stent procedures that Dr. Mark G. Midei is accused of over-performing at St. Joseph Medical Center,” writes Tricia Bishop.

The names of the physicians under investigation have not been revealed. The Sun article reports that state investigators found that, while diagnostic catheterizations usually find blockages requiring treatment about 30% of the time, Midei implanted stents nearly twice as often, “and that other Maryland doctors are high enough above the 30 percent benchmark to warrant a closer look.”

The article cites an ACC spokeswoman saying “there was no reason for stent patients to panic” since the devices “are relatively safe once they’re implanted.”

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