Authors of JUPITER attack committed self-plagiarism

[Updated at 5:20 PM with further information about de Lorgeril and Salen]

Though the titles differ slightly, a 2008 article in the Scandanavian Cardiovascular Journal by Michel de Lorgeril and Patricia Salen is identical– word for word and footnote for footnote– to an earlier article by the same authors published  in 2006 in Nutrition, Metabolism & Cardiovascular Diseases. de Lorgeril and Salen are the first two authors of the recent attack on JUPITER published in Archives of Internal Medicine and de Lorgeril is a member of an obscure, cult-like group of cholesterol skeptics,  the International Network of Cholesterol Skeptics (THINCS), as first reported by CardioBrief.

The 2006 article is a “viewpoint” titled “Cholesterol lowering and mortality: Time for a new paradigm?” The 2008 article is an “invited article” titled “Cholesterol lowering, sudden cardiac death and mortality.” It will come as little surprise to most that the article concludes that “contrary to a widespread opinion, cholesterol lowering does not appear to be a very effective way of reducing cardiac and overall mortality in the general population.”

Jerome Kassirer, editor-in-chief emeritus of the New England Journal of Medicine, provided the following comment to CardioBrief:

It is hard to imagine a situation in which it is appropriate to publish a virtually identical paper in another journal in the same language. Such repetition tends to falsely exaggerate a claim or misrepresent data, and padding a bibliography, if that is the motive, is simply disingenuous.

Update: It should be noted that de Lorgeril and Salen are the first two authors of the very influential 1999 Lyon Diet Heart Study, which played a large role in gaining acceptance for the Mediterranean diet. (Here is an AHA statement about the study.)

Editorial note: Yet again, CardioBrief would like to express its gratitude to the tireless and indispensable Marilyn Mann.


  1. Marilyn Mann says

    Update: I have reported this duplicate publication to the Deja vu database and I was recently informed that they have completed their review process. If you go to this url

    and search for “Michel de Lorgeril” you will see the report. In addition, two other articles by de Lorgeril are shown as substantially overlapping.

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