Dallas valve meeting withdraws previous statements about its relationship with TheHeart.org

The website for the Dallas-Leipzig International Valve 2010 conference has substantially altered previous remarks about its relationship with TheHeart.Org. (The change was originally reported by Pia Christensen on Covering Health, a blog run by the Association of Health Care Journalists.) As first reported on CardioBrief, here is the description of the relationship as it originally appeared in the Industry Prospectus published on the conference website:

Given the success of DLIV 2009 and its potential to grow in years to come, theheart.org recognizes the impact the meeting has in the field of cardiac care. Through its website, online blog and print publications, theheart.org will cover the benefits of attending DLIV 2010; it will forecast key aspects the meeting will offer; it will report on the highlights of the two-and-half day event – and more.

With this highly influential source of publicity, DLIV 2010 offers to its supporters new benefits. By participating in DLIV 2010, you will not only reach the physician leaders who attend the meeting; you will also have the opportunity to make contact and establish relationships with a worldwide audience. Don’t miss out on the chance to reach new audiences, gain additional media benefits and connect your company with the specialty source for news and information.

The document was removed from the conference website at some point following publication of the initial CardioBrief story. [You can download an archived copy here.] The conference website now contains the following statement and correction:

Given the success of DLIV 2009 and its potential to grow in years to come, the meeting organizers have partnered with theheart.org to promote DLIV through their banner advertisements and e-blasts. [Correction: the previous material erroneously stated that industry would have the opportunity to gain exposure through theheart.org’s news and editorial programs: this is incorrect, and the meeting organizers apologize for the error. theheart.org had no other involvement with DLIV’s offers to industry.]

The Covering Health article quotes the managing editor of TheHeart.Org, Shelley Wood: “There is firm firewall between news activities and any advertising or sponsored content on theheart.org and at no point would outside parties be able to dictate the news or editorial content of theheart.org.”

The conference website includes no further corrections as far as I can tell. It therefore appears that industry sponsors are still able to “choose four faculty members for a private one-on-one meeting. Secure your faculty choice early as faculty will be removed from selection list once chosen.” Or perhaps they’re sold out.

Note to readers: As many of you may be aware,  I am the former editor of theheart.org.


  1. […] To put this all in context, you should know that with the exception of the dinner with the Cleveland Clinic CEO, the sponsorship packages for this meeting are fairly typical of most medical meetings these days. I suppose we should be glad that at least the Cleveland Clinic isn’t auctioning off its faculty members, as a heart valve meeting did last year (see our story here and here). […]

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