Pradaxa (dabigatran) Pricing Starts to Emerge

It looks like Pradaxa (dabigatran) will cost about $237 a month at the drugstore counter. A Boehringer Ingelheim representative told CardioBrief that the wholesale acquisition cost (WAC) of the drug will be $6.75 per day for 2 pills. The price will apply to both the 150 mg and the 75 mg capsules.  According to knowledgeable experts, the retail cost of drugs at the pharmacy is typically 17% over the WAC. The retail price of Pradaxa is therefore likely to be $7.90 per day, or $237 per month.

The BI spokesman also said the company was “in active discussions with various insurance companies, including those who provide benefits under Medicare part D, about formulary coverage for Pradaxa.  We expect PRADAXA to be reimbursed at a co-pay level similar to other preferred branded products.”


  1. marie johns says

    Will pradaxa be available for patient’s assistance soon? My dad is on medicare and only gets soc security and meets the guidelines for patients assist. Please let us know; thanks Marie

  2. I have AF and should be a candidate for taking this medication. However, I also have Prostate Cancer and may have hormone therapy soon. How does the 150 mg twice per day react with Testosterone blockers?

  3. My husband has been prescribed this medication. The Doctor refused to renew his prescription for warfarin. This means that we have to pay the full price of this medication. He is on disability because of his AF. We can’t afford this medication without assistance from insurance, which does not cover this drug. He is faced with having no medication at all. What can we do?

    • Beth Bell says

      find another doctor who WILL work with you.

    • As suggested by an earlier post, unless there is a compelling reason the doctor does not want your husband on warfarin such as inability to control INR and or serious untoward bleeding, it seems as if the next step would be to consult another physician if the current one cannot or will not help resolve the cost issue. Pradaxa may be sampled by the drug company since it is relatively new to the scene. Since it is not covered by your insurance, that certainly should be a question for the doctor if your husband continues to see him or her.

    • jim mcdonald says

      call you part d insurer and see if they will work with you the doctor could possibly get them to issue the drug at a tier 2 or 3 with a co pay of $30 to $70 dollars for a thirty day supply

  4. John O'Rourke says

    The latest list of drugs approved by Medicare and Blue Cross/Blue Shield has Pradaxa and a Level 2 drug costing $40 a month. I’m going to ask my cardiologist to switch me from warfarin starting January 1, 2012.


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