CardioSource and Medpage Today Will Collaborate to Provide News Coverage of Major CV Meetings

Starting next month Medpage Today and ACC’s CardioSource will collaborate to offer detailed, in-depth coverage of more than 15 cardiovascular and cardiovascular-related medical meetings worldwide. The joint project, which will be called “On the Scene,” will be prominently displayed on each website and will be widely distributed via email newsletters to ACC members and cardiologists and other related healthcare specialists registered with Medpage Today. The project will be initiated in San Diego at the annual meeting of the Society of Thoracic Surgeons at the end of January.

Medpage Today editorial director Peggy Peck told CardioBrief that the goal of the project is “to provide the most extensive coverage of cardiovascular news from meetings available on any platform.” Last week Medpage Today was purchased by Everyday Health, a company with a diverse portfolio of websites reaching 27 million consumers. The Medpage Today deal signals a new focus for Everyday Health, adding a professional audience to their already extensive consumer audience.


  1. Jan Weber, MD, MBA says

    I am deeply concerned that “CardioBrief ” will lose its candor and edginess now that it has been co-opted by the ACC. Have you sold out? Where shall I now go to find un-prostituted honesty??

  2. Calm down. This story has nothing to do with CardioBrief! It’s about another website, MedPage Today, collaborating with the ACC. I’m just reporting the news of an interesting new development. OK?

    For the record, I certainly don’t always agree with the ACC, but I seriously doubt the editorial integrity of Medpage Today will be compromised by this arrangement. But of course we will have to see, and should withhold any judgement until we see the results.


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