End of an Era: Eugene Braunwald Steps Down, Marc Sabatine Assumes Chair of TIMI Group

Marc Sabatine has replaced Eugene Braunwald as the chairman of the TIMI study group, CardioBrief has learned. Braunwald, who has been the dominant figure in cardiology for many decades, is 81. Sabatine was appointed Vice Chairman of the TIMI group last summer and he assumed the chairman’s role on January 1.

Braunwald is not retiring and will continue to serve as chairman for individual trials already underway. CardioBrief has learned that Sabatine has enjoyed strong support within the TIMI group and within Brigham and Women’s Hospital. Although no public announcement of the change has been made, and Braunwald is still listed as the TIMI chairman on the TIMI website, the change has been widely known at the Brigham for some time. Industry sponsors of TIMI trials have also been informed of the change in leadership.

TIMI member Chris Cannon sent the following comment to CardioBrief:

We are all thrilled to have one of cardiology’s best and brightest to lead the TIMI Study Group. Marc is a world class clinical trialist who also does cutting edge pharmacogenomics and metabolomics work.  He is a superb clinician and has been recognized several times as outstanding teacher of the year here at Harvard.  As our trials have grown in size and number, we are all delighted to have Marc lead our Academic Reasearch Organization into the future.

Robert Harrington, the Director of the Duke Clinical Research Organization (DCRI), told CardioBrief:

DCRI and TIMI have collaborated on a number of projects over the years.  We value that collaboration and wish Marc well in his new role.

PK Shah sent the following comment to CardioBrief:

Over the past five decades Dr Eugene Braunwald has been a dominant force in cardiovascular research and his leadership of the TIMI clinical Trails Program has been quite extraordinary but everyone at some point has to pass the baton and having Dr Marc Sabatine assume the TIMI trials leadership role should ensure continuation of the excellent legacy left by Dr Braunwald; Dr Sabatine has earned this distinction and I wish him well iwith continued success in his new role.


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  2. […] End of an Era: Eugene Braunwald Steps Down, Marc Sabatine Assumes Chair of TIMI Group […]

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