Taking Medical Advice From Peggy Fleming?

Peggy Fleming might be a good source of information if I wanted to learn about figure skating. Medical information– not so much. (Click here to read about her previous involvement with SHAPE and a coenzyme Q10 product.)

I received the following junk mail this weekend from Peggy. (Click to view full size images.) I’m not going to offer any detailed comment on this– I think it speaks for itself– except that the literature is extraordinarily irresponsible, suggesting that “anyone over 50 who wants to be proactive about his or her health” “needs to be screened”. And that there is no mention anywhere of the possible dangerous effects of a false-positive test result. Or that the followup after delivery of test results is of nonexistent.


  1. We received the same sales pitch. Thanks for bringing attention to some of the problems with this sort fear-based marketing.

  2. Also googling for medical advice is bad I guess.

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