CardioBrief Poll: Should the ACC Train Industry Reps?

The American College of Cardiology has announced a new series of education programs for industry employees. The ACC claims that the program will provide “a comprehensive, thorough and non-biased education in the field of cardiology” so that the employees “can become partners to health care providers — supporting positive health outcomes for patients.”

…graduates of the program will be granted the use of an American College of Cardiology Foundation (ACCF) industry training logo and notation as having received “ACCF Industry Training” on their business card, resume and promotional materials, and recognition of employee participation may appear on your company website.

The program, according to the ACC, will also benefit health care professionals and will “ensure” that their “interactions with pharmaceutical and medical device company representatives are effective and efficient.” The ACC informs its members that the program is not a one shot deal: “industry representatives will be required to stay current by participating every two years, ensuring that they stay up-to-date on the most important topics.”

The ACC advises its members:

Look for the ACCF Training logo on your representatives’ business cards.

What do you think? Take the poll and add a comment to this post.


  1. I actually think the ACC should partner with Monsanto and ADM to couple Round UP Ready Soy Seeds with ——— (fill in the blank with any marginally effective drug promoted by the ACC) to form a NME which treats both the farm and the farmer.
    That would promote wellness and feed the hungry and ACC can be the saviour, not just of PhRMA sales.

    Dr. Wilbur Larch (ashamed to be) MD, FACC

  2. Carolyn Thomas says

    Right…… So your friendly neighbourhood drug reps who ‘graduate’ from this ACC training will thus no longer be trying to maximize the benefits or minimize the dangers of the drugs they’re shilling to the docs on their routes (as they are being paid to do by their employers). Got it.

    PS I support Dr. Larch’s sound suggestion of a Monsanto/ADM partnership, too.

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