And the 2012 Award For the Most Dumbass Drug Promotion Goes To…

Last December 31, motivated perhaps by a bit too much champagne, I posted an end of year review in which I anointed rivaroxaban (Xarelto) the “drug of the year.” This title was awarded by one person alone (me) and had absolutely no significance, except insofar as it reflected my own sense that the drug had made a lot of interesting news over the past year. It was in no way meant to be an endorsement, and I don’t really see myself as an award granting institution.

Although the year 2012 is just about 25% complete, I feel thoroughly confident in announcing here and now the award for The Most Dumbass Drug Promotion Of 2012. (Please note that I had absolutely no involvement or prior knowledge of the winning entry.) And the winner is…


  1. Which media company is bigger, Cardiobrief or Forbes?

  2. LOL! Did J&J give you an “honorarium” for your work? 🙂

    What tweets around, goes around!

  3. Larry,

    A classic case of the Emperor Wants No Clothes and BTW the Yes Men would like to speak with you.

    Wilbur Larch MD FACC

  4. Edward J. Schloss MD says

    Caught semi-innocent in the crossfire is our local Janssen rep who dropped this flyer off on my desk.

    Very well played, Larry.


  5. Hi,

    I think that evidence for xarelto for the treatment of PE, however the evidence for AF looks interesting. What do you think?


    • Definitely looks interesting, but of course we can’t know for sure until the FDA reviews the data AND the drug is on the market for a while. Just to be clear: I have nothing against the drug per se. My problem is with a marketing effort that used my words without my consent or knowledge.

      • Absolutely.

        It has been approved over here in the UK for a while now for DVT prophylaxis post hip+knee replacement. It was recently approved for both AF + the treatment of DVT/PE.

        The approvals for DVT/PE looks v interesting as the standard treatment is Clexane inj and it offers an oral option.

        For AF, out of the newer drugs the dabigatran evidence looks far more promising. Do you use dabigatran or stick to warfarin?


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