Timing Of Heart Attacks Shifted In New Orleans After Katrina

Prior to Hurricane Katrina, heart attacks in New Orleans followed a well-known circadian and septadian (today’s word of the day, meaning day of the week) pattern, with predictable increases on Mondays and in the morning hours. Now a new study finds that the notorious 2005 hurricane dramatically altered that pattern for at least three years, shifting the pattern to a much greater than expected occurrence over nights and weekends.

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  1. Robert Weitz says

    You link to the Forbes article doesn’t work

  2. Robert Weitz says

    Your link to the Forbes article doesn’t work

  3. Sorry guys! The link works now. Or try this: http://www.forbes.com/sites/larryhusten/2013/01/07/after-hurricane-katrina-timing-of-heart-attacks-shifted-in-new-orleans/

    Still working out the kinks for this new arrangement. Bear with me, please.

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