Are Cardiologists Worried About Being Accused Of Unnecessary PCI?

In the last week two cases highlighted, yet again, the continuing shift in standards regarding PCI. In his interventional cardiology blog on CardioExchange, Rick Lange asks cardiologists: Could You Be Accused of Doing Unnecessary PCI?

“Public confidence is eroding as the number of reports of physician suspensions and monetary penalties for unnecessary PCIs grow. Accordingly, patients are questioning use of PCI, even when it is indicated and advisable.”


“Have investigations into unnecessary stenting changed your interventional practice? How so?”


  1. Yes!!!

    John A. Osborne, MD, PhD, FACC State of the Heart Cardiology Sent from my iPhone 5

  2. Jan Weber, MD, FACC, FAHA says

    Sadly, the only force that is likely to curtail the excessive and non-indicated use of coronary interventions is Obamacare. Self-policing and REAL Peer Review have entirely failed to do so thus far. Non-indicated implantation of ICDs is similarly problematic.

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