European Heart Journal Retracts Main Paper Of The Kyoto Heart Study

The editors of the European Heart Journal have retracted the 2009 paper reporting the main results of the Kyoto Heart Study, a randomized, open-labeled study testing the add-on effect of valsartan to conventional therapy in high-risk hypertension. The retraction notice gave no details about the problems that led to the retraction. Here is the full text of the retraction notice:

“This article has been retracted by the journal. Critical problems existed with some of the data reported in the above paper. The editors of the European Heart Journal hereby retract this paper and discourage citations of it.”

Click here to read the full story on Forbes.

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  1. As it is now proved and clear that ARBs may be good for blood pressure controlling but the increase the risk of MI due to their mode of action.
    on contrast, ACEIs prove a vital role not only in controlling blood pressure but also reduce total and CV mortality up to 22% (with PERINDOPRIL; ACEi)

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