Cuban History Offers Important Lessons For Global Health Today

A large new study from Cuba shows the impressive benefits that can be achieved with weight loss and increased exercise. Much more ominously, the same study shows the dangers associated with weight gain and less exercise.

In the study, published in BMJ, researchers took advantage of a “natural” experiment that occurred in Cuba as a result of a major economic crisis in the early 1990s. Relying on 30 years of superb health statistics available in the country, the researchers analyzed the dramatic health effects associated with the economic crisis, which last from 1991 through 1995, and the subsequent recovery.

During the economic crisis caloric intake decreased and physical activity increased, resulting in a 5.5 kg reduction in weight and a very high (80%) proportion of the population classified as physically active…

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  1. How do we know that the statistics are “superb”? Nothing produced by any other communist regime was remotely truthful.

    Anyway, how was the calorie intake reduced? What did they stop eating – sugar? I can’t help but wonder whether that might matter.

    Excuse me if I sound grumpy, but I’ve seen too many scientific headline claims dissolve when scrutinised carefully.

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