Too Much, Too Fast? Cross-Country Skiing And Heart Arrhythmias

When it comes to exercise it may be true that you can do too much or go too fast. It may seem counterintuitive but a new study finds that among cross-country skiers the risk of having a cardiac arrhythmia was highest in those who raced the fastest or most often.

In a paper published in the European Heart JournalSwedish researchers report on more than 50,000 participants in the Vasaloppetan enormously popular 90 kilometer cross-country skiing event that takes place each year in Sweden. Previous research has shown that Vasaloppet participants are, not surprisingly, healthier than other Swedes across a broad range of measures. The new research, however, shows that those participants who finished with the fastest times or who completed more races were more likely to develop an arrhythmia.

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  1. No fooling?

    I’d like to let you know I am blogging about my personal experiences with participating in endurance sports while in persistent a fib – drop by sometime:

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