A PR Pitch For The Worst Diet In The World

I get all sorts of PR pitches. Most of them are uninteresting or ridiculous and I just ignore them. Here is one that is so stupifyingly wrong that I can’t resist sharing it. It should win some sort of award for combining the most amount of fraudulent claims in a single pitch. I don’t see the point of refuting all the claims here, but anyone reading this should know that there is absolutely no scientific evidence for any of it.

Hi Larry,

Always been curious about what a detox is, but never fully sure about the right way to do one? Featured on the cover of this week’s issue of Woman’s World, the Martha’s Vineyard Diet Detox, is a simple, yet effective soup and shake cleanse that is an easy-to-follow lose-a-pound-a-day regime that can help people lose 5 lbs in 2 days, to not only get thinner, but feel better!

Detoxing is not just about losing weight – it has many other benefits people are not always aware of such as helping to improve memory, ease chronic conditions such as allergies and arthritis, clear up one’s skin, as well as help people sleep throughout the night. Often referred to as the “pioneer of detoxing,” Dr. Roni DeLuz, RN, ND is the founder and director of the Martha’s Vineyard Detox Retreat and co-author of 1 Pound a Day.

We’d love for you to share Roni’s tips and information with your readers on how to detox safely, yet effectively using green, plant-based juices and soups, as well as clear up any misconceptions they may have about a cleanse, to help them get healthy and lose a few pounds, such as:

  • How to take a detox bath
  • How to use probiotics to enhance the detox process
  • The products and ingredients for one’s shopping list to get started on a detox
  • The steps to transition back to eating regular, healthy, solid food after completing a 21-day detox

Please let me know if you would like more information on 1 Pound a Day, the topics listed above, and how green, plant-based juicing can not only help you lose weight, but also help relieve chronic conditions such as arthritis and insomnia.

Thank you,

Rachel Albert

About Dr. Roni Deluz

Dr. Roni DeLuz, RN, ND, founded the Martha’s Vineyard Holistic Retreat in Vineyard Haven in 1997 to help others discover the optimal health she herself achieved after years of debilitating chronic illness. She has a PhD in natural health and a certificate as a naturopathic doctor from Clayton College of Natural Health/ American Holistic College of Nutrition. She is also a registered nurse and a colonic therapist recognized as a leading expert in the field of holistic health.

Rachel Albert

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