Cardiology in 2013: Like A Wrecking Ball

Perhaps I’m being overdramatic but I think  the best metaphor for the year in cardiology is Miley Cyrus on the wrecking ball.

The Guidelines Wrecking Ball: Like Hannah Montana guidelines are supposed to be boring and reliable.  But in 2013 the guidelines were more like Miley Cyrus. Like a wrecking ball, the NIH abandoned its long-entrenched and highly influential role in producing cholesterol and hypertension guidelines. Then the new ACC/AHA guidelines came along, abandoning tradition and targets and adopting a whole new approach. But the controversy didn’t go away. One easy prediction for 2014: we’ll see more debate about guidelines.

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Wrecking Ball

The New Guidelines

Miley Cyrus- Note: Cropped from larger image

The Old Guidelines


  1. wilbur Larch MD FACC says

    What this demonstrates is the fig leaf that finally barely covered our collective “junk” (as in the passenger who said to the TSA,”dont touch my junk”) is falling away. As we sold out and fellover each other to sell out some more, the Guidelines became a joke with c. 50% of the panels being industry stake holders. What with the former ACC president getting to demonstrate his lithe (actually the opposite) physique at the London Olympics courtesy of Coka Cola (Lite- of course). The new Prez of the ACC is actually an Industry guy, so what hope do we have of anything improving….Oh! he could be a whistle blower. May be we should all turn to Miley for cardiologic pointers.
    Wilbur Larch MD FACC

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