Newly Elected President Of Institute of Medicine Is On The Pepsico Board Of Directors

Earlier today I reported the news that Victor Dzau, the chancellor for health affairs at Duke University and the CEO of the Duke University Health System, would become the next president of the Institute of Medicine. But I  failed to remember that I had written about Dzau several years ago. I think it will be of interest to many observers that Dzau currently serves on the Board of Directors of Pepsico. I’ve asked the IOM for a comment about this.

Here’s what I wrote in 2010 about Dzau.


  1. You’re peddling a load of hogwash. The only thing Dzau’s directship at Pepsico proves is that Pepsico is “pwned” by the food fascists. The food fascists are wealthy oligarchs. They take over companies by buying up their stock and electing their cronies as directors. Those directors are the ones who make the companies surrender to the health fascists. It’s not those stupid little pinheads doing their silly street theater things – they are nothing but a noisy sideshow, designed to deceive the public with false insinuations that are the opposite of the truth, and create the illusion of popular will that’s actually completely opposite to that of the people.

    We’ve watched this conspiracy operate for a long time: “Mrs. Lasker’s network is probably unparalleled in the influence that a small group of private citizens has had over such a major area of national policy. One federal official refers to it as a ‘noble conspiracy.’ Gorman calls it a ‘high class kind of subversion, very high class. We’re not second story burglars. We go right in the front door.'”

  2. Mary kamachi says

    This is a clear example of the ties between Big food and the Medical business! this is a clear conflict of interest. Our food supply is overrun by companies like PepsiCo. Their only interest is profit at the expense of the health of Americans, who are damaged by the chemicals and sugar content. We have an epidemic of Diabetes in this country, and other food related ailments, costing this country billions and causing death and disability! Instead of and IOM with no tied we have too many Financial and other ties between the industries. we have a useless FDA, and contamination in our food as Companies try to make more profit by getting rid of Government regulation. We also have Billions in subsides going to the unhealthy food industry. This is disgusting and disturbing.
    Meanwhile we have a misdiagnosis and other medical shenanigans crisis in this Country being covered up. One Third of all diagnosis are incorrect! The medical industry can not police themselves the corruption is measurable! I am disabled and my life Is ruined due to misdiagnosis. I have been subjected to thousands of Dollars of treatments and tests, all paid for by Medicare, and some caused further damage! I have no rights or recourse! we need accountability and a Health Care System that is not Profit generated while the law is on their side! This should be criminal!


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