Healthy Habits Of Young Women Lead To Long-Term Health Benefits

It may seem obvious but a new study shows that young women with healthy habits are less likely as they age to get coronary heart disease or go on to develop cardiovascular risk factors like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or diabetes.

Andrea Chomistek and colleagues analyzed data from more than 88,000 women participating in the Nurses Health Study II and who were between 27 and 44 years of age at the start of the study.

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  1. Tim Mayleben says

    Many things that seem obvious turn out to be not true, so it’s nice to see the confirmatory results from this study. As a father of daughters, and with seeing my own father die at a young age from cardiovascular disease, the messages from this study really resonate. Developing healthy habits at an early age can make a difference. Great post, Larry!

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