New Device to Lower Resistant High Blood Pressure Shows Early Promise

A novel implantable device appears to show early promise in the treatment of resistant hypertension. The “Coupler” device from privatelyheld ROX Medical is about the size of a paper clip and is delivered via a catheter to the upper thigh, where it creates a connection between the vein and the artery, which lowers blood pressure in the arteries by letting some of the blood drain off into the veins.

In a paper published in the Lancet, European investigators report the results of an open-label trial in in which 83 patients with persistent high blood pressure despite taking multiple antihypertensive drugs were randomized to implantation of the Coupler device or current treatment…

Click here to read the full post on Forbes, including comments from Franz Messerli, Sripal Bangalore, and Deepak Bhatt.



  1. Barbara Roberts, MD says

    Highly dubious. It reminds me of the ill-fated attempt to improve intelligence in children who were what was then called retarded by creating an AV fistula in the carotid/jugular system. Needless to say it didn’t work.

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