Doctor Scorecards: The Wrong Answer To The Right Question

ProPublica’s recent publication of a Surgeon Scorecard has drawn intense criticism from many doctors. Without going into details here, I think it’s fair to say that many of the critics’ points are valid. Even its strongest defenders agree that the Scorecard is far from perfect.

I’m not sure I have much to add to the discussion except to say that I think you’d have to be crazy to rely on the Scorecard as a deciding factor to use in the choice of a surgeon, but that it could be helpful when used cautiously and with other decision aids.

What I want to consider here is a somewhat different question, which relates to the idea of a scorecard. Now the ProPublica reporters went to great efforts to put their scorecard into perspective and to explain its limitations, but it remains a scorecard, which is a simple measure of something that is in reality extraordinarily complex.

I want to argue that the very concept of a scorecard represents the wrong way to think about the problems that the scorecard attempts to begin to address.

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  1. Very informative look here. I’d definitely have to agree with you that this scorecard system isn’t on the right track at all. Thanks for sharing your insight!

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