AHA President Suffers A Heart Attack Monday Morning

–The AHA reports that he received a stent and is doing well.


The president of the American Heart Association, John Warner, had a “mild heart attack” on Monday morning, according to the AHA. Warner received a stent at an undisclosed hospital. The AHA said he is “doing well.” Warner is 52.

The attack occurred while the AHA’s annual scientific sessions meeting was being held in Anaheim, California. Warner, an interventional cardiologist, has been the CEO of UT Southwestern Hospital in Dallas since 2012. Warner has an MD from Vanderbilt University and a MBA from the University of Tennessee. He completed his residency training in internal medicine at UT Southwestern and his cardiology fellowship at Duke University.

Upon hearing the news Sek Kathiresan (Broad Institute) tweeted: “Unbelievable. He just spoke last night about the many males in his family being affected by coronary disease. Our thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery.




  1. Best wishes for a speedy and full recovery.

    Was Dr. Warner taking a preventative Statin?

  2. Obviously his prophylactic statins were unable to lower Cholesterol / LDL to “safe”. numbers. With such a known history of Familial CVD, it would be irresponsible to NOT lead by example and avail himself of incontrovertibly efficacious drugs…

    • So if the statin had lowered his LDL to safe numbers (whatever that is) he wouldn’t have had a heart attack? What is his family history? Does he have FH? Do you work for statin pharma?

      I’ve lived with an LDL of over 10mmol for decades. No heart attack yet. No “intervention”. No statins.

    • Not incontrovertibly efficacious enough, apparently.

      Statins proven and associated harms:

      • James Longmire says

        JK, I was being my usual, “Disrespectful-To-White-Coat-wearing-Authorities”, sarcastic self…
        Adding to my incorrigibility, I refuse any ‘flu vaccine, and eschew Dietitian-endorsed dogma, preferring to sin with LCHF.

  3. Oops! Embarrassing to be sure, and a good time to consider Insulin Resistance as a probable Risk Factor

  4. Joseph Chemplavil, MD, FACE says

    Family history is the most important risk factor in ASCVD, and that should include grand parents, uncles and aunts in addition to parents and siblings. Positive family history by itself dictates aggressive management of LDL cholesterol using statins and Dr. Warner’s history exemplifies this point!

    • How do you know what his history was?

      Are you a scientist, or do you just work off pharma press releases?

    • Dr Chemplavil, It should be remembered that the tendency towards ‘Insulin Resistance’ / Type 2 Diabetes also ‘runs in families’, more so than not.
      Rather than savagely slaying his LDL numbers, the patient may have been better served IF he’d looked at his Insulin Response Pattern as per Dr Joseph Kraft. It would have flagged concern, – YEARS ago.

  5. Any physical address to send him a fresh bunch of lettuce free of Cholesterol.

  6. Poor chap. Get well soon.

    “The attack occurred while the AHA’s annual scientific sessions meeting was being held in Anaheim, California.” On no account should one quote Oscar Wilde.

  7. I wonder if he was adhering to the horrible AHA nutrition guidelines. I hope it is a big wake-up call for him.

  8. There is a way to prevent a heart attack, but gasp, let’s not go there – Plant Based Diet! Google Dr. McGreger.

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