Uric acid and insulin levels linked to risk of hypertension

Small increases in uric acid and insulin levels, even at levels usually considered “normal,” are linked to an increased risk of hypertension, according to a new study in the Archives of Internal Medicine. Commenting on the report for CardioBrief, Franz Messerli…

…noted that “we do not know whether hyperinsulinemia and hyperuricemia in one way or the other trigger new onset hypertension or whether hypertension and these biomarkers share a third yet unknown denominator.” Messerli said the study “enhances awareness of uric acid and insulin as potential markers for new onset hypertension and risk factors for cardiovascular disease.” The clinical implications are not enormous, but the study does raise “he concern that drug classes that increase uric acid (thiazide diuretics) and insulin (diuretics and beta-blockers) may not be as beneficial as drug classes that are metabolically neutral or even have a favorable effect on uric acid (losartan) and insulin (RAS blockers).”


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