One Quarter of US Adults 45 and Over Taking Statins

One-quarter of US adults over 45 years of age are taking statins, and one-half of men 65-74 years of age are taking the drugsm according to the CDC’s annual report on trends in health statistics. In 1988-1994 only 2% of adults 45 and older were taking statins. High cholesterol levels have been declining, according to the CDC, but hypertension, diabetes and obesity have all increased. The overall prevalence of heart disease has remained stable in all groups except for an increased rate in men 75 years of age or older.

An article in Medpage Today includes comments from Christopher Cannon, James Stein, Robert Califf and Harlan Krumholz.

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  1. How many people contracted rhabdomyolysis from statin meds? I did after 11 yrs use of vitorin. VERY UNPLEASANT. Almost fatal.

  2. Scott Northcutt says

    It is fine if they are taking statin (if they are prescribed of course). However along with administration awareness of contra-indications of statin med should be brought. One of the foremost examples is satin+sildenafil citrate may cause DEATH.

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