The Best Doctor Blog On The Internet

Let me say it right away: the best blog written by a doctor, at least that I’ve ever read, is by a provincial South African general surgeon who calls himself Bongi. He doesn’t write about complex medical policy, and he doesn’t worry too much about appropriate use criteria or whether a patient who needs anticoagulation should get warfarin or Xarelto. Instead, he writes about his astonishing experiences as a front-line surgeon (and, for many years, as a medical trainee) in a country on the border between first and third world medicine.

His stories will blow your head off. One minute you’ll be laughing. The guy is seriously funny, possessing a keen sarcastic wit with an edgy South African accent. But then, suddenly, just when you’re enjoying the antics of his colleagues and countrymen,he’ll turn deadly serious, and leave you breathless or in tears.

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  1. Thank you for this post. Bonji is a fabulous observer and thinker. His blog should be required reading. Here is the link to his blog drbobgleeson

  2. Thank you for sharing detail

  3. I read the post on forbes about doctor blog. Its worthy.

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