Following An Embargo Break PREVAIL Trial Won’t Be Presented At ACC

UPDATED–The already complicated story behind the PREVAIL trial, which was designed to confirm the safety and efficacy of the Watchman left atrial appendage closure device, just got even more complicated. This morning, after the trial’s sponsor, Boston Scientific, prematurely distributed to investors a press release summarizing the results of the trial, the ACC announced that the scheduled presentation of the results at the main opening session of the meeting would not take place.


By way of background, last week the trial’s sponsor, Boston Scientific, first announced that the  principal investigator of the trial, David Holmes, would only “present the acute procedural safety results” from the trial. Then the company reversed itself two days later and announced that Holmes would present all three co-primary endpoints.

Holmes intended presentation this morning at the ACC in San Francisco makes clear why there was so much confusion. (The slides from his presentation have been made available to the media.) Although the trial results appear largely positive, the trial missed one of its three primary endpoints, and experts will likely spend a lot of time and energy trying to interpret the results.

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    Any chance you can share the slides Boston provided?

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  2. I cannot help marveling at the degree of stupidity that is regularly and dispassionately displayed by revered pundits and industry icons in the Medical Community. Yet, we are now witnessing another example of the erudite leaders of scientific investigation working diligently to undermine their own credibility. There is only one group that behaves in a more inane, irresponsible manner: the Federal Government.

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