Studies Suggest You Can Help Your Heart By Walking More And Eating More Fiber

It probably won’t come as a surprise, but walking more and eating more fiber are probably good for your heart. That’s the conclusion of two new studies, but because the studies relied on observational data it should be emphasized that they are incapable of demonstrating cause and effect. And it’s by no means clear that most people are willing to undertake the effort needed to achieve effective lifestyle changes like these.


In the first study, published in the Lancet, researchers analyzed data from 9,300 people with impaired glucose tolerance (and therefore at high risk for developing diabetes) and with existing cardiovascular disease or at high risk for CV disease.


In the second paper, published  in BMJ, investigators performed a systematic review of studies examining the effect of dietary fiber on cardiovascular and coronary heart disease.

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  1. “The authors said that they only included studies of fiber contained in the diet and cautioned that their findings should not be applied to fiber supplements.”

    This is good to note that the dietary fiber used in these studies came from fruits and vegetables. This is just another reminder that incorporating healthy servings of fruits and veggies into a daily diet are beneficial to not only heart health, but to whole body health.

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