Lunchroom Scandal At The AHA: Day Two Of Buttergate

–After a CardioBrief investigation the American Heart Association changes the lunchroom menu

There is no better proof that journalism can change the world– both for the good and the bad– than Buttergate.

Yesterday your intrepid reporter exposed the ongoing scandal of Buttergate taking place within the press lunchroom at the American Heart Association meeting in New Orleans. I maintained that the AHA wasn’t living up to its own nutrition guidelines by serving sugary desserts. Far worse, in my opinion, the AHA was punishing reporters by serving margarine instead of butter and skim and low-fat milk instead of whole milk or half-and-half for coffee.

Journalists arriving today  found a drastically altered scene in the lunchroom. Instead of margarine there was this:


However, after a detailed investigation an AHA representative told me that the AHA had not, in fact, suddenly altered its policy to allow butter and other saturated fats inside the sanctum sanctorum of the AHA. Instead, it turned out, one reporter, Matt Herper from Forbes, had quietly asked a food service employee for some real butter. This employee then took pity on Herper and the rest of the suffering press corps and on his or her initiative put out enough butter for everyone.

But this does not mean that the earlier story did not have an effect. In the lunchroom today the sugary desserts had disappeared (though the low fat cream cheese remained). Instead there was this for the press:


To be clear, I specifically did not ask the AHA to remove the desserts. But I entirely support the addition of fruit.

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  1. Uh…that’s “desserts.”

  2. Humans were never meant to consume whatever the hell is in margarine. Butter is just better (in moderation!)

  3. Is there science at this meeting too?

  4. Thank you for informing the readers the popular views of press reporters and the scenes behind the curtain. The taste of butter and that of sugary drinks will continue regardless..

  5. If only the Australian equivalent had the same sense of humour. Or employed similar, wise Catering providers !

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