News About CardioBrief and CVCTCardioBrief

Note to readers: After a period of inactivity CardioBrief is coming back, but with some big differences. This website, CardioBrief.Org, will remain my personal website. A new website,, will be the new home for my “professional” blogging activities. To develop this website I have joined forces with the global CVCT Forum. I look forward to working with the CVCT leaders Faiez Zannad, Bert Pitt, and Milton Packer to continue and expand the mission of CardioBrief to provide provocative takes on the current cardiovascular scene.

Click here to read my introduction to CVCTCardioBrief.



  1. Delighted to hear the news. Your blogs are highly thought- provoking. I used to be a regular reader for several years. Congratulations.

  2. Louis Krut says

    Good to have you back.

  3. Monty Krieger says

    Great News. It has been too long.

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