Lilly reports modest sales figures for Effient (prasugrel)

In its first months on the market, sales of prasugrel (Effient, Lilly and Daiichi Sankyo) appear to have been modest, according to figures released by Eli Lilly today as part of their fourth-quarter and year-end report.

Lilly said that worldwide sales in 2009 were $27 million. US sales were $22.5 million, while sales outside the US were $4.5 million. In the fourth quarter worldwide sales were $3.8 million, $1.4 million in the US and $2.4 million outside the US. (Following initial stocking of a drug upon approval, drug sales typically decline for a period until inventory is reduced.)

Prasugrel was approved in Europe in February 2009, followed by US approval in July.

Lilly and its partner said the companies “continue to make good progress in gaining reimbursement and access for the product.”

Click here for a complete chronology of the prasugrel controversy.

Click here to read Lilly’s press release.


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